Track how is your and the team's time
getting utilized

MergeTeam employee time tracking software allows your team to track work hours spent on every single project and task. Anyone can easily start and stop the timer from the Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop apps.

  • Shift your focus from tracking to completing tasks
  • Automatic timesheets to track the time spent on projects and tasks
  • Have every minute count and eliminate wasted time
  • Optimize your team

Give a boost to your organization's productivity

MergeTeam Productivity Monitoring tools let's you have a bird's eye view of your organization's productivity. Real-time dashboards helps you take quick and impactful decisions.

  • Organization's Productivity Report
  • Department and Team productivity monitoring
  • Detailed reports on utilization of time

Automatic Screenshots

Take screenshots of your employee’s computer at random intervals. Use the screenshots to verify their work.

  • Build Trust with your Clients
  • Provide feedback and improve productivity of your on-site, work from home and remote employees.
  • Inculcate Data Security and prevent Identity theft

Build trust with clients with a transparent process

MergeTeam platform allows you to onboard your client as a part of their project so that they can be together while the entire journey.

  • Build long term relationships with enhanced and transparent processes
  • Streamline all your activities, project and tasks
  • Get the client approvals right from the platform
  • Empower them to be a part of your team

Your strength and asset is your team

Have all your employees on the collaborative platform of MergeTeam and boost up engagement, efficiency and productivity by multiple folds.

  • Easy Online Schedule and Attendance Tracking
  • Approve and reject leaves from the platform
  • Gain insights about individual performances

Give your business it's Jet Pack

With the automatic platform of MergeTeam, forget your spreadsheets, diminishes efficiency and depreciated productivity. We've got you covered.

  • You can focus on the business growth while we automate the rest
  • Automatically gain insights of overall productivity
  • Avoid errors with accurate reporting


Manage your projects and your talent in a single system, resulting in empowered teams, satisfied clients, and increased profitability.

Easy and insightful real-time reporting

MergeTeam provides most insightful reports to analyse what's working and what's not and how to boost your business.

  • Screenshot reports

    Detailed and actionable automatic screenshot reports to monitor productivity and efficiency

  • Organization's Productivity Report

    A report to show an end to end detailed productivity report of the complete organization.

  • Task Report

    Report to track completed vs pending tasks for each and every team member.

  • Timesheet Reports

    At a glance, you can see the time worked, productivity levels, and efficiency for each individual on your team.

  • Attenance and Leave Reports

    Get automatic attendance and leave reports of each and every team member.

Boost Organization's Productivity

MergeTeam can help you automate your complete productivity and team management efforts and give the complete control at your fingertips.

Automatic Tracking

Track activity, efficiency, productivity and get real-time insights. Now your decisions are quick with assured results in boosting your business growth.

Automatic and Accurate Cost Tracking

Track the exact cost for any any activity based on the performance of your team and the actual activities performed by them.

Incorporate Right Process

MergeTeam platform helps you to review the screenshots to verify the use of right process by the team.

Manage Business, Not Time

MergeTeam enables to put your time into growing the business while it monitors the productivity and delivery.


Worksuite ensures features which will keep you updated and help you to connect with your team in a better way.

MergeTeam - Time Tracking Software


Real time message sections helps team members to discuss quickly with each other.

MergeTeam - Time Tracking Software


In-built channel discussion under every tasks and projects helps teams to collaborate.

MergeTeam - Time Tracking Software


The calendar view and the task boards helps team get a clear picture and vision.

Manage Team

MergeTeam empowers to organize all your employees in an extremely steamlined manner to boost their productivity.

MergeTeam - Time Tracking Software

Attendance and Leaves

Monitor and Manage the attendance, leaves and activities of your employees in a seamless way.

MergeTeam - Time Tracking Software


Modularise your organize into different departments and make them easily manageable.

MergeTeam - Time Tracking Software

Employee Directory

Get hands on your complete employee directory from one place and take actionable steps as and when required.

Supports All Devices

MergeTeam can be accessed on laptop, mobile or tablet. Our responsive design ensures clear data visibility on all types of devices.

Laptop and Desktops

Access your platform from any laptop or desktop.

Mobile and Tabs

MergeTeam is also accessible using mobile phones and tablets.

MergeTeam - Time Tracking Software

Managing business has never been so easy.

Let your business reach new levels of growth in every aspect. Your time is extremely valuable. With MergeTeam, you can focus on your business while we take care of the productivity and efficiency of your team.